Auto & Marine Upholstery

We carry top-notch boat covers and more in Sanford, NC

Car upholstery job done in Sanford, NC

Automobile upholstery

Keep the inside of your automobile looking and feeling just as good as the outside! Most of us use our vehicles a lot and that naturally leads to wear and tear over the years. Just as you can touch up the exterior paint, you can also have your interior brought back to perfection. Our experts in Sanford are experienced in a range of autos - from cars and trucks to modern and vintage vehicles. We treat each job as a custom job and deliver exactly what we say we will, each and every time.

Upholstery accessories

While we're always happy to take on any automobile, marine and boat cover upholstery job, we're also just as happy to help you prevent the need to have one done! That's why we offer you a comprehensive range of upholstery accessories like cleaners, lubricants, degreasers, waxes, glass cleaners and upholstery cleaners. With our quality products in Sanford, NC, from name brands like Castle, we can assist in protecting and maintaining your residential, commercial and industrial vehicles.

Boat covers

Enjoy being out on the water? Enjoy it even more with stylish and durable boat covers from Key's Upholstery, Inc. in Sanford, NC. Come see us for an incredible variety of colors and styles, from the ever-popular charcoal and light gray to custom-made orders. Give us a call to arrange for a free estimate.

We are also available for repairs to existing boat covers in need of seam or hole re-patching and refurbishments.
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